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Pregnancy Pillow: Are You Ready For A Good Rest?
    Pregnancy Pillow can give you a good night rest - You are going to need more sleep during your pregnancy and you should plan for that.  Don’t try to stay up until midnight to get that report done.  Just give in to the fatigue and allow yourself more rest, especially during your first trimester when you are likely to feel ‘bone tired’.  
    As your baby grows it may become difficult to find a comfortable sleep position.  Most doctors recommend lying on your side with your knees bent and putting a pillow between your knees to take the strain off your lower back.   
    Lying on your side also makes things easier on your heart and lungs, and the baby’s weight and size will not be so likely to put pressure on your blood vessels, so your legs are less likely to swell.  
    Sleeping on your side also helps to reduce the likelihood of varicose veins, constipation and hemorrhoids because it allows for better circulation and provides optimum blood flow to your baby and the placenta.   
    If you sleep on your LEFT SIDE, you are also relieving the pressure the baby’s weight can put on your liver and improving blood supply to your kidneys so they can flush toxins out of your system. 
    Buy a few extra pillows and use them behind your back and under your stomach to give you more support. 
     Our store carry full length body pillows’, and even pregnancy pillows that are designed to support your body and your stomach.   

Importance of Exercise During Pregnancy

    Unless you have a serious problem or abnormality in your pregnancy, you should expect to continue to exercise throughout your term.
    If you have NOT exercised in the past, you will, of course, want to consult your doctor to determine the level and frequency of exercise you can do during you are pregnant. 
    Exercise during pregnancy is healthy and will help to reduce swelling and bloat, prevent excessive weight gain, reduce muscle and back strain, and constipation, improve your energy levels, your sleep patterns and your mood. 
    It will also help you stay in shape for labor and reduce your recovery time after delivery. 

    The best kind of exercise during you are pregnant is exercise with moderate strain and intensity (brisk walking, and swimming are great choices).  
    There are also yoga and Pilates classes designed specifically for pregnant women to provide them with strength conditioning, and flexibility.  
    Many of these classes are available on video and DVD so look in your local book store or online.                          







Guidelines for Good Health 
Nutrition Now that you are pregnant, it is no time to diet.  You certainly want to eat the right things and try not to gain an unhealthy amount of weight, but you should NOT be dieting right now.   


 You will need about 300 to 350 calories more per day than when you were eating just for you – about 2,500 to 2,700 calories per day. 

 If you are very thin by nature or if you are going through a multiple birth pregnancy, your doctor may even prescribe more of an increase in daily caloric intake. 

On the other hand, if you are typically overweight, your doctor may advise that you consume more calories, but she may advise you to drop below the additional 300 to 350 usually prescribed for an average pregnancy. 

You should plan to maintain a well-balanced diet throughout your pregnancy, consisting of lean meats and protein, fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain breads, as well as low-fat dairy products like cheese and milk.   

Your doctor will probably prescribe prenatal vitamins for you.  These are special vitamins compounded with the correct amounts of calcium, iron and folic acid needed by pregnant women.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your prenatal vitamins will cover all the nutritional needs you have.  

You still need to eat well!  

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